Installation Steps


What you need:

An iPhone or iPad

A Mac or PC with Chrome installed

Install the Chill Remote on your iPhone or iPad

Get Beta Access

Chill Remote is currently available in Beta on iOS through TestFlight

Load this page on your PC or Mac in Chromecheck_circle_outlinewarning

It looks like this browser is not Chrome. Chill Remote only currently works on Chrome

You can get Chrome here

Install the Chill Remote Extensioncheck_circle_outlinewarning

Alternatively if you get an error, click here to install.

(Sometimes this is required when Google is processing an update)

NB: You'll have to reload any existing tabs for them to work with Chill Remote

Click on the extension icon at the top right of your screencheck_circle_outlinewarning

Click on the Chill extension

You should see a popup something like this

You can always click on the extension in future to pair other devices, or to re-pair

Enter the code in Chill Remote on your iPhone / iPad

Give it a try!

You can try with the video below; Or head straight over to Netflix, Amazon Video or YouTube

Note - You'll have to reload existing tabs after installing the extension for it to work on those tabs.

Big Buck Bunny Video courtesy of Blender Foundation

Title image courtesy of Jeremy Bishop Unsplash